Business Coaching Methods : Finding the One for You

There is a wide variety of business coaching methods used in today’s world. One size certainly doesn’t fit all. In the modern world not all business coaching is face to face, Skype coaching becoming increasingly popular. Other method used including instant messaging and downloadable courses. Below is a look at some of the methods used, and who they are suitable for.

Business Coaching Methods : Performance and Skills Coaching

Performance coaching is a method used that is aimed towards enhancing your set of skills in your current working environment. Increasing effectiveness at work and productivity at work can be achieved by theoretical or psychological approaches. Skills coaching on the other hand focus on a certain set of core skills, this approach being flexible and adaptable to immediate needs.

Business Coaching : Personal and Life Coaching

These two methods are used to provide an individual with the support they need to make a significant change in their life. If may be within their work life, or alternatively, their personal life.

business coaching methods

Business and Executive Coaching Methods

Business coaching, unlike life coaching, is conducted within the bounds of the organizational context. It is used to enhance business performance, and can be used at all levels. Executive business coaching is becoming more and more popular, and is highly recommended for organisations who wish to improve their performance. When the executive within a company improves his performance, he is then able to better influence those who work for him.

Team coaching is also one of the most popular of business coaching methods used nowadays. With working as part of a team becoming more and more important, team coaching can be used as group sessions for a set of employees within a workplace. Team coaching allows for a good atmosphere within the workplace, and reduces conflict within the work place.

Business coaching can be useful at all stages of your career. All business coaching methods can be implemented at the start of as well as during your career. It is never too late to employ the services of a business coach. If you feel you are not reaching your goals, or are stuck in a rut, a business coach can help you address the situation. Making changes to your business is not something that you should do with haste. One bad decision could mean you lose your business.


To find out which type of coaching suits you, contact your local business coach or mentor today. You may not be excelling in your business due to personal problems. In this case, a life coach can help. He will help you improve your personal life, which in turn, will help your business too. With so many different coaching methods available, it can be difficult to decide on which approach to use. In general one on one methods are preferable over remote coaching methods, face to face methods allowing you to develop a positive relationship with your chosen business coach.


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