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Running a business isn’t easy. Days where you struggle are common, and feeling out of your depth is nothing to be ashamed of.

So, what should you do when you reach a point in your business career where you feel you are not achieving your best?business mentor bristol

Everyone reaches points of uncertainty when running a business. Even the best entrepreneurs can reach a point where they know they could be doing better but don’t know what changes to implement. The answer is quite simple. To improve your business, you need the input of a mentor. A business mentor Bristol based can get you back on track.

With decades of experience in varying business sectors in Bristol and Somerset, my small business mentoring service is affordable, flexible, and can get you back on track. I can work with you to improve your ROI, and to guide you with those all-important decisions you have been putting off.

My small business mentoring can help you at any stage of your career. Mentoring is not just for startups. It is an ongoing process that will evolve into a long-lasting professional relationship. I can help open doors for you that would otherwise stay shut. Well-established in the business mentoring world, my local knowledge and contacts make my service bespoke and personalised to fit in with you and your needs.

Chris Kenber : A Business Mentor Bristol Business Owners Rely On

Mentoring in business and executive and career coaching have become my life. I can be a sounding board for your ideas, or the strength you need to push you harder to achieve your goals. By sharing my wealth of experience with you I can provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions. My aim is to ensure you succeed and reach your targets and goals. I am however not a teacher and I will never tell you what to do. With a business mentor Bristol you can expect to:

  • Find out why you are stalling
  • Be able to set realistic targets and goals
  • Enjoy my wealth of local and business knowledge I have built up over decades
  • Decide what to do when you reach a crossroads in your business career
  • Find new challenges exciting rather than frightening
  • Build up a long-serving mentoring relationship that will grow with your business

A good mentor is someone who will set you challenges. A mentor will push you to the limit, setting goals, and expect you to not just achieve them but exceed them!

To arrange an initial no-obligation FREE Business Mentor Bristol consultation, please CONTACT ME.

I look forward to meeting you.