Career Coaching Service : Gaps in your Resume

A career coaching service can be used at any point in your career. From school leavers to people switching careers late on in life, there is a wide range of services available from your Bristol career coach. In this article we will concentrate on one area that many people have problems with when trying to impress prospective employees; gaps in your Resume. As part of your coaching programmes, you can learn how to fill in the gaps with confidence.

Most people have gaps in their resume, so what do you do about them? What you cannot do it make up jobs that you didn’t have. There are a number of reasons why you may not have worked for many years, from illness to maternity leave, travel, or looking after a relative. Here we will look at how to make these gaps into positive experiences instead of reasons to not get the job you are applying for.

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Career Coaching  Service : Getting a Job with Gaps in your CV

Thankfully you are not alone if you have gaps in your CV. Most people do, and very few people stick to one job for their whole career. The worst case scenario when filling in a gap is when you have been laid off, or fired from a job. It doesn’t look good. If you were laid off, do not talk about the boss negatively; you have no idea what connection if any your new employer might have to them. Instead, talk positively about what you learned in that job, and explain that you lost your job due to budget cuts or similar.


So, you quit a perfectly good job to travel the world? Most employees nowadays will actually see this as a positive. That is, if you can talk about how you developed as a person whilst you were traveling. Any voluntary or paid work you did whilst traveling will also look great on your resume, so don’t be afraid to admit you bought a one way ticket to explore the world, with no firm return date. Do not say that you loved the party lifestyle in say Thailand. Do say however that you started your previous job at a very young age and took a gap to develop as a person before returning and seeking a long term career.


Going back to college as an adult is something that is positive too. Furthering your education and enabling you to embark on a better career at the end of it is a very good reason to quit a job. As part of your career coaching service, you will learn how to turn everything into a positive, even if it was going back to school to finish your education because you failed the first time round!

Health (Personal, Family, or Maternity Leave)

If you took time off for personal health reasons, be prepared to talk about it. Make sure you are comfortable with what you say, and have your answers prepared. Make sure you give a quick answer that won’t require further questions, and move swiftly on to the future. Looking after a relative is commendable, so if this was your motive for quitting your job, you should not feel ashamed. Lastly, you really should not need to give excuses for having taken time off to have children. Here, you may only find difficulty when you took many years off, which may require you to need retraining before you can rejoin the workforce.




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