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Business Coaching
The Chris Kenber business coaching service is a highly effective approach to tackling problems that typically affect small business owners and sole traders. These include:
  • How to implement changes to your business
  • How to improve communication within your company
  • How to build and maintain motivation within your business
  • How to manage the pressure of feeling alone
  • How to better maintain a work/life balance, stopping work from becoming your whole life

Chris Kenber offers business clients a bespoke package where these types of issues can be sounded out and worked through to help you lead a better professional life.
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Life Coaching
The Chris Kenber personal life coaching service is an innovative tool that can be used to help anyone live their life to its fullest potential. Life coaching can be used as a way to overcome everyday issues such as:
  • How to set and achieve long-term goals that seem unattainable
  • How to find an appropriate work/life balance when you have a pressurised job and a family
  • How to improve an existing relationship; how to start new relationships
  • How to improve or change your lifestyle and fitness habits
  • How to cope with stress
  • How to build and maintain confidence and self-esteem in everyday life
  • How to kick-start your career; how to make a new career decision

Chris Kenber offers one-to-one sessions where goals will be set to challenge and motivate you, ultimately helping you to achieve things faster than you would on your own.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title=”Mentoring”]

The Chris Kenber mentoring service offers new and existing businesses a way to build skills and make long-term business plans as a team. Chris Kenber will be able to help with:
  • Future planning for your business
  • Getting the most out of sales and marketing
  • Developing exit strategies
  • Building time management skills

Chris Kenber offers businesses one-to-one and management group mentoring sessions, drawing on his years as a consultant to offer professional advice.[/tab_item]

What do people say about Chris Kenber as a coach?

Chrissie Probert Jones “The loneliness of the small business owner is both professional and personal – whether you are a sole trader or have colleagues there’s rarely anyone to chew everything over with in detail. Chris is an invaluable mentor given his broad professional business expertise combined with his life coaching skills. Once the business is getting his input, then life-work balance is the next constructive milestone and he has the perfect listen-question-suggestion approach. Time spent with Chris is an invaluable interface between what you have and what you need.”

Chrissie Probert Jones

Catherine Brew “Chris has been incredibly helpful for me. I work from home and had been struggling for a while to find a balance between work and home life. My sessions with Chris helped me get back the work/life balance I craved and in doing so, helped me achieve some long-standing goals. Through the sessions, I developed the tools to expand my business thinking, which enabled me to launch forward with new and exciting challenges.”

Cath Brew

Catherine Brew “I engaged Chris on the basis of his growing reputation as a coach who is practical and who gets things done ..correction who gets you to do things! As with most busy and stressed executives, no matter how much experience you have, it is important to be reminded of the basics : plan, focus, prioritise and do! This is where Chris excels : ensuring that agreed actions are completed..and that you stay on the track you’ve agreed. An early conversation with Chris will help any executive refocus and accelerate their personal ambitions.”

Peter Jewitt

Angie McLachlan “I have been coached by Chris Kenber on a number of life and work issues. I am multi-disciplined and run several small businesses that rely solely on my qualifications and years of personal experience. Chris has helped me to focus on areas of organisation.

Chris is personable, patient and encouraging, more than this, his questioning skills facilitate one to think deeply about the issue at hand – out loud – and to work out strategies for action that can then be achieved and realised. To have Chris as an active listener is a real bonus from a personal and a business perspective.
I would highly recommend Chris Kenber as a coach to anyone who is serious about getting the most out of their business or life in general. Coaching works as a concept, but Chris has brought that concept to life and has enabled me to set and reach my own goals.”

Angie McLachlan

Lisa van den Berg “Chris sat down with me and asked me targeted questions that clarified my thinking about my business. I now have a clear and concise action plan that I started implementing today! Thank you for your valuable input and course correction, Chris. I highly recommend you.”

Lisa van den Berg