“I chose Chris as my coach to keep my strong willed, over active brain and far too many business ideas in check. Within about 4 weeks of employing him, and as a direct result of his coaching, I won a large contract at double my normal fee. Since then he has gone on to be one of my greatest supporters, and is the one person who can help me ferry my thoughts, ideas and business into a focused business plan. He allows me the freedom to be myself, but merrily gives me a boot up the rear if I’m not doing what I’ve said I would do! Chris has made me an even better at what I do, has made me a better business woman, has given me much more confidence in my skills and abilities, and as a result my business is becoming much, much stronger and growing beautifully in the direction I want to take it. Thank you Chris!”

Kim O’Rourke – Strategic Marketing Consultant, Merrie Marketing

geoff“We asked Chris to work with us because we felt we needed to be challenged and to be held accountable.Though our business was successful, it had plateaued and we wanted greater clarity and motivation to achieve what we wanted.The input from Chris has been invaluable and a terrific ROI. He is enthusiastic, practical and very knowledgeable about business. We now have a renewed sense of purpose, a clear business plan and a greater feeling of control. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris to other business owners.”

Geoff de Pass – Director at hdp Associates


“Chris is an outstandingly diligent and intelligent business coach with great integrity and professionalism. He has a rare ability to think strategically whilst always paying attention to the detail. He also has a great handle on the way businesses work and can provide useful insight combined with down to earth common sense. He is also good at maintaining an impartial stance in his advice. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for business coaching.”

Dr Mark Mason – Chairman of Mubaloo

“The coaching Chris delivered to me and to my fellow director was absolutely spot on. We are now in control and own the direction of where we are going and it has put a sharp focus and paved the way for action to ensure success. Chris has the business experience and challenging methods as a coach which has helped us to make some realistic business decisions. A real pleasure to work with.”

Vic Vaughan – Owner, Referral Institute

debbiebeech“As a business owner, its rare to have the opportunity to really discuss your work and work-life balance, let alone with someone who is experienced enough to quickly ‘get it’, interested enough to truly listen, and smart enough to question and guide. But this is just what you get when working with Chris. The impact? So far it has been a clear plan of action, a change in approach to certain aspects of my business, a shift in lifestyle and a general boost in confidence.”

Debbie Beech – Director, Sylvatica Marketing

“It can be tough being self-employed and sometimes you need someone to help you focus on growing your business and keep you on track. Chris is that person for me. I’m a qualified coach myself, so I know a good coach when I see one. Chris provides just the right balance of support and challenge. I know I can’t get away with letting things slide but neither do I feel like I’m in some kind of boot camp. He’s always the first to celebrate success and he looks at what’s going well as well as what I need to improve. He’ll give advice where it’s appropriate, but is never prescriptive.”

Caroline Gourlay – Business Psychologist

felix spender“Chris has been a great help to me at a time when I had got myself wrapped round the axle of my own business. He has got me to rethink the “product” and is currently assisting me reposition the company. I have found him easy to work with, good humoured, incisive and curious. His quiet tenacity enables him to turn over the stones under which you want to hide which all adds to the benefit.”

Felix Spender – Director, North Light Solutions

“I have known and worked with Chris for literally decades. He is a brilliant ideas man. He is very intelligent and thus finds challenges that are tough for others remarkably straight forward to solve. As a coach he is a natural, full of positive energy and creative solutions. Chris is also a man of great integrity and I trust him completely. I am totally comfortable recommending him as someone who would work tirelessly to help people to improve their lives. He has helped me a lot.”

Andrew Moir – Managing Director, London Calling Arts

“Chris uses his considerable and broad-based professional experience to coach with clarity, wisdom and humour. He is strategic, supportive and intuitive so quickly picks up on the complexities of a situation and how you can use your particular strengths within it. His coaching style is practical and immediate so you work together to come up with stratagems which improve your effectiveness after each session. He is extremely obliging and works very flexibly so will go out of his way to make himself available whatever your schedule. Whether you want to raise your game, re-orientate your career or simply get your mojo back, Chris will coax, challenge and guide you to help you on your way.”

Deborah Mills – Creative Strategist and Business Leader, Saatchi & Saatchi

jonathan snary“I came to Chris because I wanted a safe, creative space in which to focus on my strengths and deal with my weaknesses.
A good coach in my view is a good listener and Chris is certainly that.  More than that though he applies his extensive business experience with a light touch in guiding me towards practical solutions that work. I am now more efficient and work more effectively. I also have renewed focus and energy, and much greater clarity about the future.”

Jonathan Snary – Managing Director, Bristol & S.W., BPP Business & Law Schools

suzy bradley

“I would highly recommend Chris as a business coach. I was lacking direction and needed help as to how I would drive my business forward. A fresh pair of eyes has been invaluable and Chris has helped me decide what I want to do with my business and how to get there. He has been really easy to take advice from (with a good sense of humour) and clearly has a lot of corporate experience.”

Suzy Bradley – Director at Bradley & Sadler

“I’ve hired Chris as my business coach because I needed to uncover beliefs that were holding me back in business and make more impact and progress. I now have an improved ability to focus and have achieved a massive amount. I’d recommend that you contact Chris if you’re looking for a significant increase in your performance and business. He has a lightness of touch that makes every session fun, but he can be very serious too.”

Jonathan Rees – Owner, Making Teams Work


“Even though I was really busy at work, I didn’t feel very productive and I certainly was not achieving the things I wanted to achieve. Chris helped me change all this and he immediately pointed out that I was indeed working very hard, but on the wrong things. He got me to prioritise and then to delegate. He has brought structure into my life so I now manage the team much better. Chris has given me many useful business tools and tips; he asks questions that get to the heart of things and has lots of good ideas himself. I would say that he has made me 100% more productive. I am also much happier in my work. I am clear now about where I am going with my business and know how I am going to get there. I could not have done this without Chris”.

Martin Parfrey, Director at The Fulfilling Station

“I consulted Chris following the sale of my business in order to find clarity and direction. After 30 years heading in one direction it was difficult to see what possibilities lay ahead. Chris worked with me and helped me to explore different options, but most of all he helped me to find the things I was most passionate about. Consequently new doors have opened and I now do the things I love most.”

Louise Player – Owner, AVALA Holiday Properties

“We used Chris at our recent team building event. Chris’ warm and friendly manner allowed the team to be open and honest. His facilitation of the event really did make the team think about things differently and identify actions to take back to the office. I was also impressed at the team build exercises that he did with us which none of us had done before; a rarity when we’ve done so many over the years!”

Jo Boichot – Group HR Manager, DAS Legal Services

garrie“I asked Chris to speak at the monthly networking lunch meeting I host on behalf of Women Mean Biz as he is known for delivering quality content in an entertaining way. Chris did not disappoint. Not only was he a delight to have in the room, but he delivered a thought provoking and informative key note which not only entertained, but also provided a number of useful takeaways for us to implement in our business immediately in order to increase our productivity. I would highly recommend him.”

Tamsen Garrie – Owner, Alpha Associates

“During the Olympics, I realised that all the top athletes needed good coaches in order to achieve world class performance – I needed to have some of this. Chris comes with the added bonus of being a Life Coach as well so for owner managers like me he really makes you work at getting the balance right between success at work and success in your other personal goals. The sessions have been challenging and fun and have helped me to prioritise the things which are important going forward.”

Tony Hughes – Principal, Hughes Enterprise Law Practice

“Chris is an amazing coach who pulls information from you that you didn’t know existed with his skilful questions . He remains focused , paying great attention to detail , helps you find your true goals and then how to achieve them ! The most important thing here is that you feel you are working with a guy who operates with the highest integrity . A true professional!”

Nicky Maidment – Director, Purple Minds

“Chris is an excellent hands-on business coach who brings a vast amount of business experience to the table. He loves to challenge in a supportive way and is very effective in helping to get things done. He has a very good understanding of how to set up and run a successful business and is able to coach you through it. I would highly recommend his services if you want to make a success of your business.”

Ulrike Nau-Debor – Coaching Psychologist