What Qualities Make a Leader : Five of the Best

Having a great idea does not necessarily make you a leader. Finding an idea that is unique is hard enough, but knowing how to execute that idea is what puts a line between dreamers and born leaders. So, what qualities make a leader and how can you become the next budding entrepreneur. Read on to find out how with some great information from business and executive coach Chris Kenber

What Qualities Make a Leader : Honesty

New leaders come in all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds. Leaders don’t need to be young. Some people don’t become leaders until later on in their life. But, when you are on the lookout to becoming the next entrepreneur, you will be stresses. Finding start up finds can be difficult. Emotions run high. What you must do is calm down and remind yourself that you are capable of becoming a leader. Just as long as you are honest, both with yourself and with those below you, you can succeed. Ethical behaviour is a key value, and it costs nothing to be honest.


With honesty comes trust. This means trusting those below you. If you do not trust your team and do not believe that they will succeed, they won’t. Delegate tasks to appropriate departments, and do not try and do all the jobs yourself. If you want to see your business grow, you will need to trust your employees to carry out tasks for you. If not, you will slowly disappear under a mountain of work and emails to answer and your stress levels will hit the roof. The key to successful delegation is finding out what strengths and weaknesses each of your team members have. Find out what tasks people enjoy doing, and let them get on with it. They are capable. Just have faith and trust!

what qualities make a leader


If you want to know what qualities make a leader, you need to understand the importance of communication. Bad communication will lead to a break down in your business. It is crucial that you can communicate what needs doing and to the correct people. This way you can work towards your goals. If the left doesn’t know what the right is doing, you will never make a good team leader.

Being Confident

Being confident is crucial if you want to be a good leader. If you are confident, not only will your employees not believe in you, you will not believe in yourself. If you have confidence issues but are longing to succeed as a leader, a business mentor or coach could have the answers you are looking for.

Be Committed

Last but not least, be committed. A good leader is committed both to himself as well as to his team. It won’t be plain sailing, but you should never give up. A good leader is 100% committed to his business and won’t let a few upsets get in his way. A good leader didn’t get to where he is today without blood sweat and tears and many hours of hard work and honest commitment.


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