Why Do I Need a Mentor : Three of the Top Reasons

In the modern business world you will often hear conversations about mentoring. So, why might you consider using the services of a mentor, and why are so many people talking about it? Below are three of the three key reasons why you really should use a mentor. Using a business mentor Bristol based services is not admitting defeat. It is admitting that you have room to improve further and you would like some professional advice. So, if you have been asking yourself the question ‘ Why Do I need a Mentor ’? Here are three reasons.

why do I need a mentor

Why Do I Need a Mentor ? : Goals

If you don’t set goals in life, you will never progress. You will reach a level, and go no further. You may become complacent that you don’t need to improve any more. But you would be wrong. Everyone can improve, even the greatest entrepreneurs.

If you on the other hand have long-accepted that you need to improve in business, most likely you have already set goals. But, are these goals realistic? Are you achieving them? If not, is it because the goals you are setting are neither realistic nor measurable. When you use the services of a mentor, the goals you set will be measurable. Goals that are set will be achievable, and will stop you from stagnating, or from admitting defeat. Goals should make you feel a little out of your comfort zone, but they should always be within your reach. A mentor can give you the clarity you need to ensure that you set the right goals and that you achieve them.


The next reason you should use a mentor is to stop you from becoming complacent. Do I need a mentor or coach for this I hear you say? The answer to this is most often yes. If you don’t have a mentor who is encouraging you to make goals and targets, you will become complacent. Your will settle for second best, your own second best. You will stop moving forward, and be complacent that there is nothing you can do to further improve yourself or your business. When you have a mentor encouraging you, you won’t want to let him down. You will try harder than you would alone, and you won’t settle for anything less than best.


When you choose the services of a business mentor Bristol and beyond, you will no longer be going it alone. You will have a mentor by your side that will encourage you every step of the way. He will inspire you and motivate you, sharing his wealth of knowledge with you. He will stop you from feeling vulnerable, and ensure that you grow as a person. He will inspire you with his experience to be like him, to make goals, and ensure you reach them. He will be your guiding strength and a reason to really hit your new personal bests each day. Whether you wish to improve your performance on a personal level or on a business one, a mentoring relationship will work for you. So, there you have it. The answer to the burning question, why do I need a mentor ?

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