Business Coaching Bristol

Business Coaching Bristol

You know there is a better way of doing things, but gathering the necessary tools, strategies and ideas takes time that you feel is better spent working in your business.

But isn’t it time you worked on your business rather than in it?

Whether you run your own business or have a senior position within a firm, it is easy to get bogged down in the everyday.

This slows the rate of change and de-energises businesses, making them less dynamic and less profitable.Business Coaching Bristol

A few easy-to-implement changes could make the world of difference to your business success…

What if you could be:

  • More progressive
  • More productive
  • More profitable

If you are open to new ways of thinking and working then all these things are not only possible, but probable with my Business Coaching Bristol programme.

After all, if you simply continue to do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!

Chris Kenber – Your Business Soulmate

With experience running successful companies and being a business coach Bristol based for many decades, I have helped countless business owners to ‘see the wood for the trees.’

It can be lonely at the top and in business circles having a trusted confidante can be worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes all that is required is a sounding board for ideas, at other times it is about discovering new tools and strategies to drive forward your business growth.

Having a fresh pair of eyes can help uncover what’s holding the business back and engender change that will produce long term benefits for the company.

A fresh outlook will give you the clarity, energy and direction to propel the business forward towards even greater profitability.

To arrange an initial no-obligation FREE Business Coaching Bristol consultation, please CONTACT ME.

I look forward to meeting you.


What do people say about Chris Kenber’ executive coaching?

Chris has helped me make significant and extremely positive changes in both my business and my personal life. Chris helps create clarity and simplicity where ambiguity and complexity once reigned. I am back doing things I enjoy and feel I have regained that all-so-important work-life balance I had lost. And to boot, Chris’ suggestions have already identified sufficient savings and efficiency improvements in my business to cover the cost of his fees; so effectively, I’ve gained all this for free! Thanks Chris, it has been, quite literally, life changing.

Peter Wordley, Chief Executive at Cloud Heroes

Be more effective

See how Chris Kenber can help you make significant changes to your business.