Executive Coaching Bristol

Would you like to find that edge to accelerate your performance?

Executive Coaching BristolAs a senior business professional you may already be successful, but at times it can also feel very lonely at the top.

Having to bring forceful personalities together to draw the best out of the team and live up to the high expectations placed on you to achieve is a daunting task. This is often compounded by extra pressures on your limited time, and an ever burgeoning ‘To Do’ list.


So, who can you turn to, to confide in? While others may have their managers to discuss problems with and colleagues to blow off steam with, you are often cast alone, between a rock and a hard place.

My one-to-one coaching is a confidential space in which to talk and clarify your thinking. I can be your sounding board: someone to bounce ideas around with who knows from personal experience the pressures of running their own businesses.

Executive Coaching Bristol offers clients the opportunity to speak freely about professional career and personal pressures, to talk about concerns and goals without fear of judgement and in the knowledge that what is said will receive an empathetic ear and be treated in complete confidence.


As your business soulmate, I will listen, exchange ideas and challenge when appropriate.

Together we will plan the next moves, so you can move forward with clarity, enthusiasm and focus to make the changes that matter.

Hundreds of people like you across dozens of different business sectors have benefited from executive coaching Bristol. People like Jonathan Snary, Regional Managing Director at BPP Business & Law Schools

“I came to Chris because I wanted a safe, creative space in which to focus on my strengths and deal with my weaknesses.
A good coach in my view is a good listener and Chris is certainly that.
More than that though, he applies his extensive business experience with a light touch in guiding me towards practical solutions that work.
I also have renewed focus and energy, and much greater clarity about the future.”

One thing’s for sure.

If you change nothing – nothing changes.