Coaching Programmes


Kick-Start Coaching

Contemplating a change and looking to take the first steps? This will get you into gear.

Kick Start Business CoachingClarify your goals so you are clear about where you are headed and can take the steps required to get you there.

Take effective shortcuts to being more successful by delving into my 30 years’ worth of business experience. I will equip you with a host of new tools and techniques.

Gain the focus and confidence needed to ensure your self-belief and motivation are hugely enhanced.

Fast-Track Coaching

Want to tackle issues immediately and make changes fast?

Fast Track CoachingBenefit from another pair of experienced eyes looking at your issues or challenges.

Gain a business soulmate so issues will be resolved and changes made quickly.

Enjoy regular sessions to ensure you accomplish all the tasks needed to move your business forward.

Business Performance Coaching

Are you a senior professional wanting to make strategic changes and accelerate business growth ?

Business Performance CoachingBenefit from the experience of someone who has been there before you; I have owner-managed two successful businesses and exited profitably.

Clarify your thinking – I will ask you the challenging questions that you might not ask yourself.

Bounce ideas off me in a safe, creative environment.

Walk ’n Talk

Fancy a mind and body work-out at the same time in one lunch hour ? This is strictly for multi-taskers!

walk n talkSee ‘the wood for the trees’ by gaining focus and transparency.

Improve your motivation and impetus so that tasks and projects get done.

Gain empathetic support and encouragement so that you don’t feel isolated.