Business Coaching

Business Coaching

As a Business Coach I focus on working with sole traders and owners of small businesses. Typically theirs is a lonely role with little or no support or appreciation.

They spend all their time working in the business, leaving no opportunity to consider its direction and their own future.

As a local businessman said to me recently: “I am so focussed on what I’m doing, I forget where I’m going”.

I will help them to:
  • Put their head above the parapet and work also on the business, ensuring that time is given to planning their future and eventual exit, and how success along the way is to be measured.
    After all, if they don’t know where they are going, how will they know when they get there?
  • Think about their customers; how to get more of those of most value to the business and how to get their customers to buy more often.
    This appeals greatly to business people who want to out-think the competitors rather than out-spend them.
  • Improve their work/life balance and increase their time management skills, so suddenly there seem to be more hours in the day and stress is reduced.

Having spent 30 years in sales and marketing myself and having run my own small businesses, I am very familiar with the pressures and challenges.

“I know that if you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”.

Now I am able to help people find solutions.

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