Career Coaching Bristol : Questions to Ask Yourself

Career coaching Bristol based is not just for school leavers. A career coach can help you at any stage of your life. So, why might you need a career coach? Below are some questions to ask yourself. If you have negative answers to as few as one or two, then you should think about employing a career coach in Bristol.

Career Coaching Bristol : How do you Feel about your Chosen Career?

Do you like your career? Do you think you made the right choice of job? Perhaps you regret the choices you made, but feel it is too late to change? It is never too late to change career, no matter how many years you have been stuck in the same job. If you refer to your job as a job and not a career, then chances are you are not happy and need to make a change.

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Do you Love Going to Work?

If you have chosen a career that you like, you will love going to work. Even on a wet and windy Monday morning. If you do not like your job, and only go as it pays the bills, it’s time for a change! Some people love going to work, and you could be one of them!

Have you Reached your Potential?

Do you feel like you have reached your potential, or do you feel like you are wasted in the job you do. If you know you could do bigger and better things, then once again, it’s time for a change. Everyone should have goals and ambitions, and no one should get up and go to work just so they can pay the bills.

Job Compensation

Do you feel like you are not been compensated for the job you do? Perhaps you are on the same wage as people who do far less than you. If you are putting your all into a job but not seeing any rewards, financial or otherwise, then it’s time to contact a career coach Bristol and make some changes. If you feel there is something better out there for you, it’s because there is. But perhaps you are frightened to hand in your notice? With the guidance of a career counselor and coach, you can make the right decisions the first time.

Career Coaching Bristol : Goals

What are your short and long term goals? Are you achieving them? If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, then make change. If you have goals you never achieved, it’s never too late to do it. The time is now!

These are just some questions to ask about your career. Perhaps you are quite happy with your choice of job, let’s say comfortable. But, you know there are better opportunities that you are missing. If you are watching your peers become successful whilst you are left in a mundane job, then get in touch today. It is never too late for a career change, and it really is possible to love your job!


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