How do you Find a Mentor : Some of the Best Ways

Mentoring is increasingly popular in today’s fast business world. So, if you have come to the decision that a mentor may be able to help you with your decisions, you will have one question pressing on your mind. How do you find a mentor or coach? Below is a look at some of the more traditional and modern ways that people use when they are in search of business mentor Bristol based.

how do you find a mentor

How do You Find a Mentor: Friends and Family Recommendations

Before we had access to the Internet, the most common way to find something we needed was to ask friends and family. Another method was to look in the local pages or place an advert yourself, either in your local newsagents or in your local papers. Now, these methods may seem antiquated today, but they can still be of use, particularly when it comes to recommendations from people we know.

Asking friends and family may however bring you biased answers. Someone may recommend a friend as they know they are short of clients. When it comes to looking in your local papers, today’s equivalent is to look at your local “wanted” group on social media. Here you will find people both searching and offering their skills, and you will have the chance to read and make your own comments.

Online Search

How do you find a mentor online? Well, the first way we have already covered above. Asides using social media, you can look in local directories online, Google search, or try Linkedin or other social media sites to connect with possible mentors. Searching for a mentor online will bring you a lot of results, perhaps too many. So, how do you narrow down these results?

To narrow down your options, you should contract each mentor, asking them the same set of questions. From their answers you will be able to see if they are experienced in the niche your business is from, and if they live nearby. One-on-one sessions are preferable, especially for the initial ones; so a local mentor is best.

In The Workplace

If you work for a company with a tiered staff system, those in higher rankings could be the perfect mentor for you. One of the advantages of using a mentor who is also a work colleague is that you will already know them. Also, traveling to see them won’t be necessary as you will be able to schedule your sessions to lunch breaks or after the day is over.

When searching in the workplace, look for someone who is where you want to be in a few years’ time. They will have the knowledge to share with you on how they achieved the goals that you are not wishing to achieve.

If you are not happy about being mentored by someone within your own workplace, then search for a local mentor who lives and works in the same area as you. Next ensure that they have knowledge on not just the local area but also your field of work. These types of mentoring relationships tend to work really well, and there is no danger of the relationship being little more than a friendship; this is what can often happen when you pick a colleague as a mentor.

How Much Do Mentors Charge

When searching for a mentor, you will also be wondering how much they charge and if you can afford a mentor. Of course, if you choose a well-known mentor who works out of a prestigious office in the city you will pay more than if you choose a family friend. But, here it is important to look at the bigger picture. Money spent on mentoring is a worthwhile investment, and you will see a ROI that is healthy when you choose the services of a professional mentor.


So, how do you find a mentor? Above we have covered a few of the methods used. Nowadays we tend to search for everything we need online. So, if you decide to search for a Bristol business mentor online, ensure you search in the right places. Your search engines will bring up plenty of results, as will local directories and social media sites.


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