How to Find a Business Coach : Five Easy Ways

Recognising that you need the help of a coach or mentor for your business is a step in the right direction in times of trouble. However, once you have decided that you need help you will need to know how to find a business coach that can help you. In this guide we will look at five ways that you can use, that are worthwhile for both coaches and mentors.

How to Find a Business Coach

How to Find a Business Coach : The Personal Approach

When searching for a good coach to help you with your business, you can always use the old fashioned approach. This means personally approaching the person who you deem fit for the job. You may have someone in mind who works for the same company as you, or perhaps an old teacher of yours. There is nothing stopping you walking up to anyone that you consider as having potential and asking them to be your coach.

If you don’t fancy just walking up to someone, then you can find advice from audios and books that have been written by entrepreneurs. This is a great way to connect with potential mentors and coaches. By reading their blogs and book and listening to their audios, you can then go on to determine if you think they will be a suitable mentor or not.

Networking at Events

One part of making your business a success in the 21st century is the networking you do. The same tactic can be used for finding a mentor. The more meeting and seminars that you attend that are geared towards entrepreneurs and young business owners, the more likely you will be to find a coach or mentor.

Asides attending events, you can also sign up for programmes for interniships and for mentorships. The Apprentice is probably the best known of these at current times. Rich Dad Coach is also considered to be an excellent programme.

Observational Skills

If you want to know how to find a business coach, then you should always be observing those around you. By being observant, you can tap into the wisdom of those around you and learn from them and their lifestyle or business. Listening to speeches and observing their strategies is an excellent way to decide if they fit the bill as a business coach for you. Once you are confident that the person in question has the qualities you are looking for, you can then approach them either in the traditional way, or by contacting them via their blogs, website, or other method.

These are just five ways you may not have thought of that you can use when you want to find a business coach. Word of mouth is another way that you could possibly find someone suitable. The main disadvantage to this method is that what suits one person does not suit everyone and the coach that you are recommended may not be suited to the type of career or business you have.

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