How to Increase Sales in a Company with a Mentor

If your company is not making the sales you expect and is frequently missing targets, there could be a number of reasons why. As a sole trader you won’t have a business partner to turn to for advice. You may talk about your worries with your partner or family, but will their advice be productive. To get to the root cause of your problem you need an outside perspective. This can come in the shape of a mentor. If you want to know how to increase sales in a company a mentor will be able to tell you how.

How to Increase Sales in a Company

How to Increase Sales in a Company : Why Mentoring Works

If your company is struggling, the last thing on your mind will be paying for professional advice. This is where there is even more good news. A mentor doesn’t actually have to be someone you employ. He can be someone you have known for years and look up to. Say an old school master. But if you want to employ a mentor, it still doesn’t have to cost the earth. A mentoring relationship doesn’t have fixed meetings. You can ask for advice once a week, once a month, or whenever you need it most.

So, how to increase sales in a mentor with the help of a mentor. First and foremost, your mentor will offer an outside perspective on things. He will spot weak links in your business model. He will be objective and give a fresh look at your sales. He may spot faults that have been staring you in the face, or he may unearth  more complex problem.

Expanding your Business

As well as finding out what is wrong with your business model, a mentor will provide you with the opportunity to expand. He will allow you to network with people you didn’t know before. He will introduce you to people who will be useful for you, and once again, often at no cost.

What your mentor will not do is try to control your business operation. Your business will still be yours. Your mentor will identify problems and work with you to fix them. He will not fix them for you. As we said before, depending on who you choose as a mentor, the relationship may not cost you a penny.


When it comes to increasing your sales, you will make goals. With the help of your mentor, you will begin to reach these goals and exceed them. But, there should never be a strict timescale for your operations. Once you reach goals, set new ones. Never become complacent with how well you are doing. There is always room for improvement. It is impossible to put a timescale on events, or on the amount of sessions you will require with your coach or mentor. The best things come to those who have patience and who are willing to work through problems, set achievable goals, and navigate away from tough times into more prosperous ones.


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