What Makes Someone a Good leader : Leadership Qualities

Some people say that some are born leaders and that leaders are not made. Although there may be some truth in this statement, anyone can learn what it takes to become an effective leader. Leadership is within the grasp of everyone. Whether you are in charge of one member of staff, a team, or an entire company, you need certain leadership qualities to be effective at what you do. Below is a look at what makes someone a good leader and why it is entirely possible for anyone to learn how.  

what makes someone a good leader

What Makes Someone a Good Leader : Traits of a Great Leader

One of the most important and most vital traits of a leader is the ability to self-assess. Self-assessment can mean many things from taking stock of your personal strengths and weaknesses to asking yourself what you are really good at. Self-assessment also means having the ability to recognise your weaknesses. Recognising that you have weaknesses does not make you a weak person. It allows you to delegate with other that have the ability you lack, achieving the goals you need to with the help of those around you and in your team.

A good leader will always hire someone who complements themselves. Instead of clinging to the belief that they can achieve everything they need with no external help, they hire people to supplement their own skills. Recognising your weaknesses actually means improving your leadership ability.

Being a good leader is not about dominating your workforce. Co-workers should feel relaxed around you as opposed to threatened.  Conversation should not stop when you enter the room. Ask people what they think. Honest communication between yourself and your workforce is vital. But be prepared for criticism, and be prepared to take criticism.

You must also be responsive to the needs of your group. Building a strong steam and knowing how to organise your team are both vital when seeking great leadership. No team will strive if you are not responsive to the needs of your group. No team will grow from strength to strength if you are unable to recognise goals and work with your team to achieve them.

What Makes Someone a Good Leader: Organising your Team

To be a good leader, you need to be able to organise your team and use each of its players effectively. Skills necessary for organising your team include:

  • Communication. Good communication skills are needed at all levels within business. A leader however must possess excellent communication skills
  • Motivation. Motivating your team should not be done by issuing commands. It should be done by example and guidance.
  • Team Building. A weak team is a sign of failure for the leader. A good leader knows how to build a strong team that will thrive.
  • Risk taking. A real leader will take risks. These risks however will be calculated risks and ones that will not put the entire company in jeopardy.
  • Vision and goal setting. Any business needs goals to achieve and a vision. This vision should always be within reach, and it should always be realistically achievable.

Becoming an effective leader is not something you can learn overnight. It is not something that everyone will achieve, but it is within the reaches of everyone, including you.

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