Mentoring in Businesses : How Mentoring Ensures Business Progression

It is very sad to note that  a lot of the youth are shying away from those that are ahead of them. Current economic times are hard, and employment opportunities should not be passed up. After leaving education, many youths find themselves unemployed, or without the resources to find a meaningful career. At this stage in life a mentor can be extremely useful. But, it is not just at this stage. Mentoring in businesses can start from early on in someones career and end many years later.  Failing to recognize how resourceful a mentor is can be detrimental to business progression.

Mentoring in Businesses

Mentoring in Businesses : For Businesses That Succeed

Having a good business idea is not enough to become succesful. You need to know what to do with that idea, and have a business plan. Many businesses fail to take off or collapse due to lack of business knowledge. Mentoring in businesses can stop these ideas and dreams from going down the drain. And further on in business, mentoring can ensure that your business expands at the rate it should.

A mentor will pass on his skills to you as well as sharing his business knowledge. A good mentor will propel his student in the direction of success. A mentor can help you realise your dreams, and can help you decide which career path you want to go down. Passing on their experise, a mentor can help you set up in business as well as offering continuing support as your business grows and prospers. A mentor will be there to help you, support you, but also to push you into acheiving your best. Once you have reached and accomplished goals set out by your mentor, there will be new goals to reach. You should never stop at a place that you think is your personal best. There is always room for improvement.

Passing Down of Business Skills

Mentoring in businesses also involves the passing on of skills from one generation to the next. Although a parent can pass on certain skills to their child, in a business environment, a mentor is more capable of accomplishing this task. With years of experience in the local community and business sector, a mentor is wise beyond his years. He is a wealth of knowledge and a pillar to your business.

Even if you are running a business sucessfully, a mentor could still be of help to you. At some stage you will come to a crossroads where you don’t know which way to go. Or you will need to make an important business decision. When you are a sole trader, you can suddenly feel very alone. It is at times like these that the advice and wisdom of mentoring in business can be invaluable to you.

Mentoring in business is a long process and the relationship will last for many years. In this way mentoring differs from coaching. A coach can help you reach a goal quickly, but once you have reached it, you no longer need the coach. A mentoring relationship is far more long term, and will develop over years and sometimes over decades.





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