What are Mentors and Could I Benefit from One?

If you have come to this post, then the chances are that you are considering paying for a mentor. Mentors can be of great use to anyone, at any stage in life. If must be noted however that mentors are not the same as coaches, although the two do overlap. So what are mentors and why enlist the help of one? Read on to find out.

What are Mentors : Mentoring Vs Coaching

The terms mentoring and coaching should not, but are used interchangeably. So, it is understandable if you are unsure of the difference. A coach and a mentor will both support you and your personal development. The way it is done however is rather different. A mentor is more a source of wisdom, and someone who will develop a long term relationship with you. He is not however someone who will observe your daily work.

A coach is someone who you employ for a shorter space of time. A coach is someone who you will employ to work on one specific area with you and someone who will work on short-term approached to eliminating or strengthening behaviour. A coach will help eradicate behaviour that is stopping you from succeeding. A mentor on the other hand will offer long-term developmental support.

what are mentors

What are Mentors : The History of Mentoring

The original Mentor is a character in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. The King of Ithaca entrusted the care of his kingdom to Odyssey, whilst he went to fight in the Trojan War. A dictionary definition of a mentor is someone who is trusted to guide and counsel. So ,now we are clear on what a mentor is and how he is different from a coach, why use the services of one?

What are Mentors :  Why Use a Mentor

A mentor can help you when you cannot find a clear path to follow by yourself. He can guide you, and help you grow as a person. He will allow you to open your eyes and to see things in a different way or perspective than you have before. A mentor is a very important person in your life, but a rather personal individual. Unlike a coach who likes to be public and take credit for what he does at any given time, a mentor will take a back seat, offering you guidance and support when you need it most.

A mentor will take a longer range view on things than a coach. He will look at your growth and development. He will not tell you how to get to where you are going, rather he knows where you need to go and he will guide you there. He will never tell you what you have to do, but he will encourage you along your way. A mentor is not a counselor, yet he will listen to you. He will listen to your goals, and your fears. He will not however solve your problems for you. That part is up to you and you alone! Still not convinced? Then contact me here to find out more!


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