Why marketing is so vital to your business

There is a balance between delivering a service and acquiring new clients. The more senior you become, the bigger your target is and thus the more important marketing becomes. The trouble with that is that most professionals have little, if any, training or experience in marketing. They’re just given a target – usually quite an ambitious one – and told to get on with it. As a result, many business owners rely almost exclusively on referrals for new work – a reactive rather than proactive approach.
Referrals are certainly important, but they’re not the only element of growing a business. After all, what happens if the referrals stop? That’s why it’s important to have other channels for business growth in place – such as networking and PR – so if one source of revenue dries up, you’ll still have others to fall back on. Management coaching and business workshop coaching can help you to create an effective and sustainable marketing structure.
By investing in small business mentoring, you will learn how to expand your methods of attracting new clients beyond referrals. A good business coach will advise you to incorporate multiple methods for acquiring new clients into your marketing and to test and measure everything to see what gets results and what doesn’t. This way you’ll only be spending money on activities that get results, helping you make more efficient use of your time and budget. This should be an ongoing process, as markets are constantly changing, so something that works brilliantly early on may not produce the same results in a year’s time.
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