How to keep yourself motivated.

Everyone’s moods go up and down, but when you’re leading a team, everyone will be looking to you to constantly be cheerful and inspiring, even if you don’t feel it. Remember, staff will follow the example set by their leaders, so it’s up to you to model the kind of behaviour you want to see. […]

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Why you could be better off selling your business to a baby boomer.

“Don’t worry about avoiding temptation” said Sir Winston Churchill  “As you grow older it will avoid you”. In the world of commerce however the so-called baby boomer generation are increasingly looking out for tempting opportunities to buy a business. Of those using the website to look for businesses to acquire, more than one in […]

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Not Kids’ Stuff

It makes me want to weep, The Apprentice. All these self-delusional young men and women each trying to outdo the others in arrogance and outright nastiness. As a public demonstration of perfidy and incompetence it surely has no equal. As an example of headless chickens running around in circles it has no parallel. Yet surely […]

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