Career Counselling Services : What to Expect and What’s Involved

Career counselling services available to you locally can help you make decisions about your future. If you are having trouble deciding on a career, or are looking to change jobs, a career mentor can help. But, before you enlist the services of a career counsellor, we are going to take a look at what’s involved.

Career Counselling Services : For Career Moves

A career counsellor is not only useful for those fresh out of school. He can also help people who are looking for a new career. If you are stuck in a rut or feel that you are not reaching your potential, then career counselling could be for you. Perhaps you know that you need to reach new goals but are unsure of where these goals should be set. Or maybe your goal sounded good at the outset, but once you started your dream job you realised it wasn’t suited to you.

The job of a career counsellor is to help decide on a career, retraining, or a career move. Some changes may be radical, others more subtle. Career counselling services can also help you land you a job. This could be due to your counsellor teaching you how to perform in interviews, or how to network in order to find an opening that you are interested in.Career counselling services

Preparing for interviews is a major part of career counselling services for the younger generation. Depending on the schooling they have had, today’s youngsters often lack the skills necessary to even communicate on a one-to-one level with anyone who is not their own age. As the younger generation gets more and more self-involved with social media, they find real life interactions harder and harder to deal with.

How Can Career Counselling Help

A good career counsellor will do far more than help you decide on your next career move. He will help you with decisions and choices that you have been unable to make alone. She will also help you prepare for interview, and work with you on your communication skills. He will teach you how to manage your time productively, and how to become more organised.

As mentioned above, there is no specific age range for career counselling. Although a large proportion of clients will be fresh out of school or out of college, many older people also use career counselling services.

Counselling should not be misinterpreted as mentoring. The two, although they share some elements, are very different. A counsellor will find a problem and address the issue, looking for a solution. A mentor on the other hand will guide you with your choices and decisions over a much longer period of time. People who hire mentors generally know where they want to be. The problem they have is that they don’t know how to get there. People who choose career counselling however are unsure where their future lies, and use the services of a professional to figure out what should lie ahead for them and their career.

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