Mentoring In Business : A Tradition That Spans History

Some of the most successful people in history were mentored. Let’s take 21st century Larry Page as an example. What is interesting is that mentoring in business actually dates back to mythology. The origins of mentoring can be traced back to Homer’s Odyssey and the Trojan way. There are dozens of examples of mentoring relationships in history. Socrates and Plato and Hayden and Beethoven are just two.

Mentoring in Business : Modern Day Mentoring

Over time, mentoring has evolved, but the basics stay the same. In today’s world mentoring in business means finding a trusted advisor, teacher, or friend. Mentoring is a form of human development where one person invests time and energy into assisting the growth and ability of another.

Mentoring in business

How Does Modern Mentoring Work

One of the main differences between modern mentoring and that if yesteryear is in the flexibility available. Whereas in the past mentoring was always done in person, it can now be carried out in a virtual environment. Mentoring can be structured or casual, depending on whether the mentor is a family member or friend, or someone specifically employed for the purpose. The type of mentoring relationship also needs to be decided on from the outset. Arrangements for one to one sessions or emailing etc. need to be decided on. A casual arrangement may include the mentee only contacting the mentor when a problem arises.

Online mentoring in business is ideal where there is a geographic distance between the mentor and the mentee. To ensure the relationship is successful however, the mentor must have a deep understanding of how the business in question works. Information gained in manuals is not enough; therefore some one-on-one sessions, at least in the outset, are preferred.


A mentor can provide a new perspective that was previously not considered. For example, if the mentor has encountered similar situations in the past, they will be able to provide strategies that they know will work. Skill sets can also be improved by offering a new perspective or angle to business methods.


The person you choose for mentoring in business is someone who has past experience in the field of business you are involved in. In the modern world this means that he will already have an established network and contacts. Your mentor can introduce you into his network, opening up possibilities that were not there for you before.

Mentoring in business has evolved over the years, and indeed over many centuries, but the basics still remain the same. If you have been questioning whether mentoring in business works, look back at our first examples. Mentoring was around in the times of Greek Mythology, and although new methods have evolved, the basic principles remain the same. A mentor in business is someone that you look up to, someone who is an authority on your chosen niche, and most importantly someone with whom you are willing to build up and maintain a relationship with over many years to come.

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