How to Find a Good Career Coach : Three Steps to Follow

A great business mentor or coach can have an enormous positive impact on your business or on your career. Below are three steps you need to follow when you want to find a good career coach. There are hundreds of coaches out there, but finding the right match is so important. Whether you are still studying, or looking to set up your business as an entrepreneur, these three steps still apply. Follow them, and you can avoid failure and mistakes.

How to Find a Good Career Coach the First Time

A bad career coach can be worse than no coach at all. But, finding the perfect match is not easy. Asides recognizing what makes a good career coach, you need to find one that is a match for you. The relationship you build up with your coach is crucial. If you are not comfortable with your choice of coach, it is not too late to change. But if you want to avoid changing mentor, follow the three steps below.

First of all you need to recognise what makes a good mentor or coach. A good coach is not someone who tells you what to do. A coach should work with you to ensure you reach your potential and exceed your goals. They should share their own knowledge and experiences with you to enable you to uncover new opportunities. A coach who tells you what to do is not a good coach. Throughout your schooling you will have been told what to do by your teachers. A coach or mentor is very different from a teacher. He does not teach you. He shares experience and guides you, offering you advice and allows you to grow.

how to find a good career coach

Secondly, you need to find a good fit. If you are a girl and feel more comfortable being coached by a woman, go for it. There is no rule however that states that men should coach men and women girls. Some of the most powerful business coaches you may encounter later in life are women. What is a good fit for you may not be for the next person. So, don’t be surprised if you are recommended a coach and you don’t get on with them. An understanding between you and your coach is crucial. You need to feel comfortable talking about your goals with your coach as well as talking about your fears of entering the world of work and leaving your family home.

The connection you make with your chosen coach will feel right or it will feel wrong. The best coaches will offer a first session free of charge. At this initial session you will either “click” or not with your coach and you should never feel pressured to use a coach just because they have been recommended to you.

How to Find a Good Career Coach : Why Stay Local

A coach should never feel like a superior to you in the way your headmaster did at school. If you choose a coach who is local to you, then you will feel more comfortable. A coach who grew up in the local area and even who went to the same school as you could be the perfect fit. When searching for a coach, don’t look to a prestigious name if you do not feel comfortable. The relationship you build up with your coach will be unique. It will be unlike the relationship you had with any of your teachers at school, and taking time to find the right fit will be well worth it in the end.


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