How Does Mentoring Work Within the Business Environment?

Hiring a mentor is fashionable. But there are still many skeptics out there that do not believe that mentoring works. Some believe that it is little more than a waste of time and money. So, how does mentoring work, and should you employ a mentor? Read on to find out the answers to these burning questions.

How Does Mentoring Work : A Two Way Relationship

If you are considering employing the services of a business mentor Bristol has many on offer. But, just finding a good mentor is not enough. You need to be prepared to work with your mentor. A business coach or mentor is not the magical formula to your success. Both sides have to work at the relationship.

When answering the question how does mentoring work, most people perceive a mentor to be someone older and more experienced than themselves. This is a wrong assumption. If this was the case, then a one-sided relationship with your mentor would be possible. There are some key points that you need to follow when searching for a business mentor and objectives you need to set out in order to ensure the relationship you have with your mentor is a successful one.

how does mentoring work

How Does Mentoring Work : Setting Clear Objectives

If you want your business mentoring relationship to work, you need to set out clear objectives. This is something that you need to do, not your mentor. Once you are clear as to what your objectives are, you need to be willing to learn, study, and work hard. A good relationship with your mentor is one that is based on your ability to work and study and solidify the guidance you are given. Guidance should not be accepted blindly; you do however need to make the effort to understand and implement actions.

When employing a mentor, it does not mean that you can take a back seat. Your mentor is for guidance; he is not there to tell you what to do or to do it for you. You should never rely too heavily on your mentor and you should set allocated sessions each week.

Each meeting you have with your business mentor in Bristol should involve you leading the conversation. It cannot be stressed more that your mentor is not there to run your business for you. Remember that your relationship with your mentor is not the same as that of a business coach. A coach will teach you a specific set of skills over a limited period of time. A mentor is a long-term investment. Your relationship with your mentor should always be a positive one, and if it starts to go stale, it’s time to sever ties and go it alone or search for a new mentor.

How Does Mentoring Work : Conclusion

Mentoring will only work for you if you go into it with an open-mind and a willingness to learn and take criticism. Lastly, remember that no mentoring relationship will work if you do not invest time in the relationship.

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