Process of Career Counselling : A Five Stage Affair

The process of career counselling can be broken down into five stages. Each of these stages must be carried out in order to achieve success. The stages also need to be implemented in the correct order. The process of career counselling cannot be rushed if you want good results.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you have arrived at a crossroads in your career. You do not know which way to turn, and perhaps you are also feeling a little scared. Seeking the help of a professional career counsellor will allow you to make the decision you find yourself unable to do right now. Read on to find out more about the five different stages of the counselling process, the five stage approach being widely accepted as a holistic approach.

Process of Career Counselling : Getting to Know You

The first stage of your counselling is known as the initiation stage. Here you will get to know your counsellor and he will get to know you. At this stage it is vital to start building up a rapport with your chosen mentor or coach. If the relationship is not going to work, then you need to seek an alternative counsellor. This will be through no fault of your own. But, having a counsellor you are comfortable talking too is extremely important.

Gathering of Data

This stage will involve both yourself and your caregivers or parents. Data needs to be gathered so that a picture of who you are can be built up. This is done in various ways including questionnaires and form filling. This part of the process may seem a little boring, but it is essential that your counsellor understands not just who you are now, but where you have come from to reach where you are.

process of career counselling

Process of Career Counselling : Awareness

This is an extremely important stage of career counselling. By this stage, you will be comfortable with your chosen coach or mentor, and your counsellor will know a lot about you. With this knowledge, he is then able to start working towards steps and strategies that he will use throughout the remaining stages of your counselling. At this stage, your rapport with your counsellor should be excellent, and you should feel relaxed and comfortable with your sessions. If you do not, then you have not chosen a good career counsellor. If you are having doubts at this stage, then your chosen counsellor may be lacking in expertise.

Stage Two : Exploration

With stage one now complete, you will move swiftly onto the exploration stage. By now you will know for sure you have chosen the best counsellor. During this stage, you will conduct an analysis, with the help of your mentor.  This analytical stage will include some tests, and you will have your social behaviour assessed, as well as your personality and your career interests. With this information, and your job experience discussed, it is time to move on to a one on one interaction with your counsellor that will allow you to discover what avenues and paths are open to you.

Stage 3 of Career Counselling : Decision Making

By this stage, different paths will have been explored, and a decision needs to be made. You, your counsellor, and your parents will need to reach a common ground. Any barriers that are stopping you for choosing a career will be ruled out. The most appropriate options will be selected for your career, and a critical decision will be made. It is at this stage where parents and children would, without counselling, come to heads. Parents often expect their children to follow in their footsteps, accepting any other choice as a failure. Correct counselling will explore which path is actually the right one for you, and not just for your parents.

The Fourth Stage : Preparation

At this stage, all avenues will have been explored and decisions will have been made. Now is the time to prepare a plan of action. This plan will allow you to go down your chose route and succeed. Resources necessary will be made available at this stage, as well as a backup plan. All the best counsellors have a backup plan!

The Final Stage

The final stage is the implementation of the plan. You will be given goals, and deadlines to achieve. This is perhaps for you the most exciting stage and perhaps for your counsellor the most nerve-racking too! Both he and you will be hoping that all the hard work you have put in will get you to the place you want to be in your life, and that you will no longer be stuck at a crossroads.

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