How Much do Career Coaches Charge per Hour or Session

If you are thinking of hiring a career coach for yourself or for a family member then there will be one question on the tip of your tongue, ” How much do Career Coaches Charge “? You may want to know the answer per hour or per session or the average cost for a set of sessions that is what the normal person requires. As you can see, there really is no one real answer to the question.  So, how can you find out how much career coaching will set you back and more importantly if it really will be worth it?

How Much Do Career Coaches Charge in the UK?

If you are looking online to see how much a career coach will charge then it is important to remember that career coaching is relatively new in the UK. A lot of prices you will find are indeed in dollars or euros. So, read on to find about career coaching in the UK and what a reasonable price is to pay for the service.

When asking the question ‘How much do career coaches charge’? You should perhaps look at the question from a different angle. You only have one life and one go at life. So, it is damned important you get it right the first time. So, how much are you willing to invest in your life? Surely it’s worth a serious investment? If you had an incurable ailment, how much would you be willing to pay to continue living? For sure you’d be happy to give everything and sell material things like cars and possibly even your home?

how much do career coaches charge


Let’s change the question now and turn it towards the world of job and most specifically to career coaching. How much would you pay to get out of your job that you hate and into a career that you love, or even a marriage? How much would you be prepared to pay for the one thing that is going wrong and holding you back in life? Career coaching does not actually cost that much. The problem that many people have is not that they don’t have enough money; rather that they are skeptical that it will work. For this reason you should always choose a coach that offers you a money-back guarantee.

Look at some costs that you will pay out in life and you will realise that career coaching isn’t actually that expensive. How much did you pay a mechanic per hour to get your car to pass its’ MOT? Unless you were very happy and it passed first time it probable cost you around 75 pounds per hour. A divorce solicitor is another example of exuberant hourly rates. Some will charge over 200 pounds per hour?

Thankfully career coaching is nowhere near as expensive as getting a divorce! Or as much as a new jacket that you really want. Would you pay £100 for a new coat? Then you shouldn’t mind paying the same price for an hour of coaching that could change your life forever. The prices you find online for career coaching will vary greatly. You may find some as low as £50. You will also find some that are way higher than the 100 pounds per hour mark. It all depends on whether you want the top UK coach or you are prepared to settle with a reliable, friendly, and local career coach like the one you can find here.

How Much do Career Coaches Charge : Conclusion

Even coaching on a budget is possible. If you have to pay out £50 for a technician just to come and look at your washing machine, then it really should be hard to pay for a session with a coach that could change your life forever. The trick is to stop be skeptical ,and to believe in the power of career coaches and how they can change your life.

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