Finding the Right Mentor : Easy Steps to Follow

Many people say that finding the right mentor is crucial as an entrepreneur, especially if you are young. Having an idea is one thing. But knowing how to turn that idea into a successful business is another. So, how do you go about finding the right mentor to turn your dreams into a reality? Read on to find out

The best mentor for the job is someone who is interested in you and your idea; someone who will invest time in you without thinking only about monetary gain. A mentor needs to be interested in you, want to learn not just about your idea but about you too. The relationship you form with your mentor is truly unique. That is if you find the right one!

Finding the Right Mentor : College

If you are still at college, you will have access to resources and people who are willing to help you. However, you do not need to necessarily be a student to take advantage of student resources. If you are in search of a mentor, your local university is certainly one place you can try. Don’t delay in starting your search here. No matter what stage your business or idea is in, it will only benefit from a sounding board. This sounding board you will find in the form of a mentor.

Finding the right mentor means finding someone that you are comfortable spending time with. A lot of time!  Not only do you need someone who has relevant experience not just as a mentor but in your preferred field. You need someone that you feel comfortable with. One size does not fit all. So, instead of going on recommendation and experiencing disappointment, get out there are get in touch with some mentors in your local area. For the Bristol area, click here.

finding the right mentor

Your chosen mentor needs to share the passion you have for your idea. If they are half-hearted about your idea then it will not be a roaring success. Interview as many mentors as it takes to find the one that suits you; as an entrepreneur this could be your first and maybe your only real chance of success.

Finding the Right Mentor: Conclusion

If you have an idea, but are not sure how to transform it into a business, then you need a mentor. A mentor can help you with a business idea or plan. A mentor differs from a coach in the sense that a coach will ensure you excel in your already chosen field. A mentor on the other hand will allow you to sound all your ideas until you find the perfect one for you and your new business.

Finding the right mentor is extremely important for success. Although some entrepreneurs make their way to success and stardom with the help of no one, there are not many of them. Your average entrepreneur needs guidance, insurance, and help. So, if you know you can make it big but need guidance and support, search for a mentor today. Many of the best entrepreneurs got where they are today because they found the right mentor!


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