How to Improve Business Knowledge : 3 Mentoring Tactics

The more knowledgeable you are about your business, the more you will flourish. Sometimes you will find yourself stuck in a rut, no longer advancing in the way that you originally hoped. So, how to improve business knowledge so that you get things back on track? One way to do so is to employ the services of a mentor. In this article we will look at three popular mentoring tactics that are known to improve business knowledge.

Before we look at the three tactics, cast your mind back to when you were at school. Did you ever have a bad teacher? Not one that you disliked, but one who was incapable of getting the knowledge across to you. Just because someone is an expert in a field, it doesn’t make them a good teacher. To be a successful teacher you need to be able to transfer knowledge. The same goes for coaching or mentoring, and a good mentor will improve your business knowledge.

how to improve business knowledge

How to Improve Business Knowledge with the Help of a Mentor

In the modern workplace, everyone is overloaded with work. No one really has the time to take on a teaching roll. This is where a mentor fits in. Whereas a staff member may pass on his knowledge, a mentor will be passionate about what he does. Unless you are emotionally invested in what you are teaching, no one will learn from you.

A mentor will help you improve business knowledge and provide you with the skills you need to convey that knowledge to your staff. Interacting at work is often done in impersonal ways such as by email or Skype. To communicate properly with your staff member you should not rely on these methods. A text message is OK for a reminder, but little more.

Teaching What you Know

The transfer of knowledge process is one that needs to be planned. You will know a lot, and not all of this needs to be taught to your staff. What you need to know is how to teach what you know, in a way that people will learn. Of all the knowledge you have, not all of it is useful for your staff members. Remember we spoke about bad teachers who had no way of getting across the knowledge to their students because they lacked certain skills. These are skills you mentor can help you with, allowing you to transfer knowledge successfully.

Running a business is not a one man affair. Perhaps yours started off that way. But with the passing of time you have taken on staff members and these people have to be trained. As knowledgeable as you may be, if you don’t know how to transfer that knowledge, your staff will never learn. If you are worried about the performance of your staff, you need to look at the bigger picture. A mentor can help you will your business; he can help you become more knowledgeable due to his own wisdom and knowledge. And moreover, he can help you learn how to transfer that knowledge onto others.



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