How to keep yourself motivated.

Everyone’s moods go up and down, but when you’re leading a team, everyone will be looking to you to constantly be cheerful and inspiring, even if you don’t feel it. Remember, staff will follow the example set by their leaders, so it’s up to you to model the kind of behaviour you want to see. It’s therefore important for your business, as well as your overall well-being, that you maintain your motivation and enthusiasm.
Having worked in the management coaching business for years, I can safely say that low motivation is like a disease that infects a business. Just as top athletes need someone to keep them motivated and focused on their goals, top professionals often need a little extra support to maintain their motivation and enthusiasm for their work. Furthermore, professionals often have patterns of thinking (frequently ones that were developed early on in life) that result in self-limiting behaviour that prevents them from achieving more than a certain level of success. As many of these patterns are unconscious, it can be very difficult to identify and change them yourself.
A professional business coach can help you develop perspective on both business and life and overcome any mental blocks that are holding you back. While it’s impossible for anyone to be truly motivated 100% of the time, it’s part of the job description once you rise to a senior position, as everyone in the levels below you will be looking to you to provide their motivation. Someone who is constantly depressed and indifferent won’t inspire a very happy or productive workforce!
Look at business mentoring and face-face coaching as time spent working on yourself, just as you work on your business.
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