Why you must work on your business – and not just in it.

Working in business performance coaching, unsurprisingly I meet many professionals who’re visibly tired at the end of their working day, yet when asked what they’ve spent it doing, reveal that they’ve spent much of the time in meetings or on routine tasks. They’re certainly working hard, but none of it is going to make a difference to the business in the long term. This is where effective coaching from a professional business coach can make a big difference.

Many of us are very good at answering email and posting on social media, but not so good at focusing on our really important tasks (such as developing our marketing or a customer contact programme), particularly when there aren’t any deadlines involved. Put simply, activity is not the same as progress.

The solution lies in learning to think strategically rather than tactically; being able to take an objective look at the state of your business and prepare for whatever the future holds. More importantly, business coaches will hold you accountable and ensure you do not allow yourself to start procrastinating and preoccupying yourself with trivial tasks that anybody could handle, by agreeing on clear, meaningful goals that you need to complete between sessions.

This is common amongst professionals who have risen to a position of leadership due to outstanding technical skills. They are so used to focusing on facts and details that they are unable to step back and set clear goals for their team. Business mentoring can be incredibly helpful in helping you develop this mindset and these skills, so seriously consider working with a business coach if you aren’t already.

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