Is Life Coaching Worth It? : 6 Reasons to Employ a Coach

Is life coaching worth it? A professional life coach can cost exuberant amounts of money per hour. So, should you put your hope in a life coach, or should you save your money? There is no one answer to if it is worth it or not. It is not a question of how much money you have to spend either. If you are not prepared to change or do not have the inclination to do so, then no amount of coaching will change you. Below is a look at 6 reasons to employ a coach, when the outcome will be a positive one.

Is Life Coaching Worth It? Confidence Issues

If you are suffering from confidence issues, then hiring a life coach could really turn your life around. If you are lacking in confidence, or your confidence is not where you want it to be, a coach could be the answer you are looking for. There is a difference however between lacking in confidence and simply being sad. Everyone has their own personal story and their battle scars. But holding onto pain can push you down.

is life coaching worth it

Pain can be caused by grief, sadness, or trauma. It can be exhausting. A coach can help you face your pain and grief and with the correct support will allow you to develop. A talented life coach can guide you through the process of pain and help you deal with your scars.

Is Life Coaching Worth It? Lack of Vision

If you want to be a true success, you need a vision. A clear vision. If you are not clear about what you want, you will not succeed. Perhaps you are lacking vision or perhaps your vision is so big that you are feeling overwhelmed. Both of these are reasons to hire a life coach.


Everyone has goals. Having a clear goal ahead however is only half of the battle. You may know where you want to be, but you do not know how to get there. Perhaps you are frequently missing targets? Your dreams are simply not becoming a reality. This could be because you lack commitment. Or you do not know how to set about achieving your goals. Both are excellent reasons to hire a life coach.


Being irritable all the time can have a huge negative impact on you and your success. You may not know why you are feeling the way you are, but until you do, you will never become successful. If you are in a constant battle with your partner, or the smallest thing sets you off, it could be time to call on a life coach for invaluable advice.

Is Life Coaching Worth It? Life Transitions

If your life is in a transitional stage, a life coach can help ensure your change is smooth. A huge career change will bring out anxiety, stress, and uncertainty in the best of us. A life coach can be your sounding board. Never use your friends or family. You will burn your ties and your family will quickly get fed up with you treating them like a free therapist.

You Crave Purpose

Many people crave purpose in life. No matter how successful they are, they want and need more. If you feel that your success is not enough, then a life coach could be for you. In the words of Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them” What does this mean? That hiring a life coach is sometimes not just a good idea, but a necessity!

Hiring a life coach will provide you with someone to sound your ideas off. Someone who will listen to you. A person that is professional and who is invested in you and your future. This is another reason you shouldn’t use family and friends for the purpose. They are not as invested in you as a professional is who is being paid by you to bring you through transitions and changes.

A life coach can charge a little or a lot per hour. There is no one figure to say how much money or how many sessions you will need. But, if you are not happy where you are, but are confused as to what you need to do to get there, then a professional coach is the best answer for you. However much money you spend, it will be money well spent, and money that is not just spent but that is invested in your future.

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