The Importance of Career Counseling for School Leavers

The importance of career counseling for school leavers is not something that can be measured on a scale of 1 to 10. It is far more important than 10. It can be the difference between your child pursuing a successful career and ending up in a dead-end job. The need for your child to have career counseling will depend a lot on what school they attend, and in this case, the highest ranking schools do not always come out top!

Schools are great for teaching kids subjects. But they are notoriously bad for teaching your child how to cope in the outside world once they leave school. Cast your own mind back to when you were leaving school. Did you ever enjoy visits from career counselors? Did anyone ever sit you down and show you how to fill in a CV or prepare for an interview? Although schools are becoming better in this area, many are still dragging their heels on the ground.

The youth of today spend more and more time attached to their mobile devices and smartphones. What this means is that the average teenager in the UK does not know how to communicate with an adult. All they know is how to use predictive text and emoji to chat with their friends! Teenagers may appear to be more streetwise than they were some decades ago, but they are simple not prepared for the adult world of work. This is where the importance of career counseling comes in.

the importance of career counseling

The Importance of Career Counseling  : What can a Counselor do for Your Child

The most academic children are often those who are the worst with social skills. They may decide to leave school and go on to gain a first class degree. But what will they do with this degree is they do not know how to communicate with the outside world? Many degree students also have no idea what they want to do with their lives, having chosen to go to university in order to avoid making the choice for an extra three or 4 years!

A counselor can aid an assist your child to make the right choices about their future. When children have no idea what they want to do, a professional careers  counselor will work to find the child’s strong points and attributes, suggesting career paths that they may like to choose.

Many children are also sadly expected to follow in the footsteps of their parents. If all adults in a family are doctors, they are expected to be a doctor too. But what if they don’t want to pursue a career in medicine and would prefer to become a solicitor? A child should never be pushed to do what their parents expect. A careers counselor will pick up on pressure from family or peers to conform very quickly. He will then go on to find what career preferences the child actually has and decide on a plan of action to ensure he or she really follows her dreams!

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