Make Moving Home A ‘Stress Lite’ Experience

When it comes to levels of stress, moving house is up there with divorce, weddings and coping with teenage kids.

Even if you’ve already found your next home, you are still likely to find the prospect of moving to a different part of the country somewhat daunting.

And this is even more true for those relocating to a new country altogether.

While some people make this a military style operation and relish the challenge, most of us will look upon the prospect of this major change in our lives as extremely stressful.

And that’s not just for you but for the whole family too.  After all, it’s not just a new home – it’s a whole new life.

It is not surprising therefore that people are increasingly turning to Relocation Coaches to make the whole process less nerve-racking.

Mike, a vet in the North East of England, was one such.

“Having made the decision to accept a new job in Bristol,” he told me, “I realised that the whole moving process was going to be a lot harder for my wife than for me.

“I was really excited about the change and the challenge; for Stella though it meant total upheaval. She was moving away from her mother and from friends she’d had since school.

“She was also giving up a job as a dental receptionist which she enjoyed a lot. The decision to appoint a life coach was a breakthrough,” he said.  “Chris was simply tremendous. He provided emotional support and encouragement throughout this unsettling and stressful transition period.

“His regular coaching sessions became something my wife eagerly looked forward to. With Chris’s help, she was able to focus on the positive aspects of the move and became quite excited about making new friends and exploring a new part of the country. Frankly she felt she was now a valued part of the relocation.

“This enabled me to concentrate on the new job – and on all the practical stuff. To sum up, thanks to Chris, stress max became stress lite.”

Coaching is an established and proven method of helping people successfully make changes in their lives.

A good coach will support and motivate so you keep focussed with your confidence high and your family’s fears are overcome.

You will be helped to focus on the upsides and plan your new life.

Stress will be reduced and confidence built.

You and/or your partner will have regular sessions to ensure that the things that need to be done – are done!

With Relocation Coaching you will get the buzz, not the stress.

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