Professional Career Counselling Services Bristol Based

When the time comes to make a career move, it’s not a decision that you should make with haste. In fact, unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing, you should consult a career counsellor. Although friends and family will provide you with real advice, this advice may be biased and often will not be constructive. So, professional career counselling services Bristol based are what you need. The help and guidance of a counsellor can help clear the fog and provide you with real options that will work.

Changing career can be daunting. You may be looking for a new job because the company you are working for is closing. Redundancy after many years of employment is a harrowing experience. Your brain will start to work overtime. You will try to cast your mind back to the last time you had a interview. You will start to visualize your wardrobe and wonder if there is any chance that your interview suit still fits.

Professional Career Counselling Services

Professional Career Counselling Services for Individuals and Organisations

Professional career counselling services in Bristol are for both individuals as well as organisations. As a sole trader, a previously employed individual, or a business owner, you can use the help and guidance of a career counsellor or coach. When you are about to change career you will have a lot of doubts and worry that will simply go round and round in your head if you have no one to talk to about them.

Let’s say that you have made a conscious decision to seek a new career path. You have a job, are not going to be made redundant, and your future is secure if you stay in your current employment. This can actually present you with a bigger turmoil in your head than if you are going to be made redundant. You have the choice to stay exactly where you are, but you know you won’t be happy. You feel like you are being held back, and you desperately need a new opportunity. But, just where to turn for advice?

Why Choose Professional Career Counselling

The word counselling often implies that you need help, in a rather more urgent sense than you do. Counsellors are not just available for marriages or for if you go bankrupt. They are available to help and guide you when actually nothing is severely wrong. Wanting to change career is a brave decision to make, but a counsellor will not be there to put things right. He will analyze your strengths and weaknesses and character traits, putting together suggestions for new careers that will be within your reach.

A career coach can help organize training for you that will allow you to reach your new goals, or simply offer advice when you are being met by conflicting information. As much as friends and family may think that they are helping you, you will often find negativity that actually springs from envy. You may have a dream career that you really believe to be within your reach, but your family tell you not to be stupid and to carry on with your current job. This is not the type of advice you need. You need advice that is impartial and not judgmental, and advice that is delivered from a professional coach or counsellor with years of experience in the local community and job markets.


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