What are Good Qualities in a Leader : Ten of the Best

Leadership is defined differently by different people. What are considered qualities for leadership are also constantly evolving, making the answer to the question what are good qualities in a leader a difficult one. In this article we are going to discuss ten qualities that make someone a good leader.


A good leader needs to be honest and he needs integrity. Eisenhower once said that integrity is the supreme quality necessary. Without integrity success is not possible, no matter whether you work in an office, or in the army. Your followers will only be honest if you are too. As a leader you need to have values, and stick to them. You need to be a figure of honestly, one that people look up to, and one that people aspire to be.

What are Good Qualities in a Leader : Confidence

It really goes without saying, that to be a good leader, you need to be confident. If you lack confidence, people will not follow your commands. If you are not confident about the decisions you make, then people will never follow you. You need to beam with confidence, as a person that people look up to.

what are good qualities in a leader


When asking the question what are good qualities in a leader, inspiration also comes high up on the list. If people don’t aspire to be like you, you are not a good leader. To be able to persuade people to follow your example, you must be inspirational. When things get tough, your followers will look up to you for inspiration. Your actions must inspire people to learn more, do more, and dream more.

Passionate About What you Do

A successful leader is passionate about what he does. He is 100% committed to his job role. So, if you are a company leader, but are not happy in your job, you will never make a good leader. Being passionate about what you do also involves you willingly taking part in tasks that are for your employees. Getting your hands dirty will show your commitment to your workforce, infusing them with energy to get to work.


All good leaders are good communicators. Without good communication, you cannot portray your ideas to your followers. You must be clear about your vision, and be able to communicate it to your followers.

Decision Maker

All good leaders need to be able to make decisions, without the help of others. As a leader, people will follow your decisions, taking your lead. If you aren’t able to make decisions by yourself, then you are not a natural born leader. However, everyone at some time in their life will come to a crossroads where there are decisions to be made, times where a mentor or coach can help. Even the best and biggest leaders turn to mentors at some point in their lives!

Share the Credit, Share the Blame

Accountability is the quality of a good leader, and not just when things go according to plan. A great leader will not just take credit when things work out; he will also take his share of the blame when something doesn’t go according to plan.


Depending on the size of your operations, you will come to a point where you cannot do everything yourself. This is where you will need to delegate task to others. Empowering your followers is an important part of being a good leader. Some leaders don’t like to see their followers have any power; this is a trait of a bad leader. Empowerment is a must, but support also. You cannot simply delegate someone to do something and let them get on with it. They will need support in their new role.


A true leader needs to be creative and innovative. These are two qualities that separate a leader from a follower. Constant innovation is necessary if you want your company to grow, and your creative spirit should always be in full flow.


Lastly, when discussing “what are good qualities in a leader,” we will look at empathy. Leaders must have empathy with their followers. A good leader is not a dictator, and the shift from dictating to empowering followers is forever increasing. A bad leader is little more than a communist dictator. A good leader will develop empathy for his followers. His followers will not be scared of him; they will like him or her, and aspire to be exactly like him.

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